Troc Circle Roadmap

It’s been a long road, but we have now fully tested the beta version of the Troc Circle Platform. We are now ready to help businesses and people to get paid, reduce their exchange fees, and prevent financial gridlocks from coming into existence. In our future developments, we will continue improving the Troc Circle Platform by implementing new features and building strategic partnerships with leaders in the market.

January 2019
Founding of Troc Circle
We built a team and included business executives and skilled developers. Together, we started developing the Troc Circle platform.
February 2019
Enrolled incubator: SMART ESA
Smart ESA is the leading incubator for startups based in ESA Business School in Beirut.
September 2019
Selected for PLUG and PLAY international batch
Plug and Play Tech Center a leading accelerator based in Silicon Valley and has helped launch some of the largest corporations in the world.
November 2019
Legal entity created
Officiating Troc Circle: Incorporation of TROC CIRCLE Inc. in the USA as a Delaware C-Corp.
January 2020
Release of Troc Circle application
Troc Circle Platform is live: all services will be completely free for the first 6 months so we can build a network of early adopters.
March 2020
Selected for PLUG and PLAY Fintech vertical batch 11 in Silicon Valley
Troc Circle got selected by PLUG and PLAY corporate partners to be part of the fintech vertical batch 11. The highly selective program focuses on fast growth and gives access to deal flow sessions with top corporates that are interested in innovative solutions.
June 2020
Pilot in logistics, insurance and financial sector
Launch of pilot project in collaboration with leading businesses in the logistics , insurance and financial sector in the MENA region. The group of businesses brought together for the first time through Troc Circle network.
June 2020
Selected for INV Fintech accelerator in New York
INV Fintech is a banking innovation platform based in New York, that runs a fintech startup accelerator and work with financial institutions to build or enhance their innovation capabilities.
August 2020
Selected for F10 fintech program in Zurich
F10 is a Zurich and Singapore based FinTech Incubator and Accelerator which supports and guides Startups in transforming their ideas into successful companies while stimulating worldwide collaboration with international finance organizations.
January 2021
Release of the web version application
In order to make our services available everywhere, we will release a web version of Troc Circle next to our mobile applications.
Team behind the project
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