Chain netting


A payment chain is a complex cash flow spread across a supply chain and trickles down from one business to the next. The speed of collection within this chain often dictates the progress of businesses along the chain. Troc Circle devised an upgraded Chain Netting algorithm that identifies and actively participates in speeding up payment chains to help businesses get paid faster.


Troc Circle’s upgraded netting algorithm acts as a middleman and closes the payment chain into a circle. Troc Circle incentivises the first seller and first buyer to activate the payment chain. Then, chain netting begins and debt is reduced among all actors.

Once the buyer pays out, the payment is automatically split between seller and sub-seller; therefore reducing the number of transactions and accelerating the collection of payments.

All sellers would need to register as merchants first. KYC and AML background checks as well as OFAC sanctions screenings are handled in real time by our payment processor partner.

Chain netting

Test Troc Circle's Universal Netting Algorithms

If you wish to test the efficiency of our open netting algorithms, you can upload anonymous AP & AR data through the link below and check the circular and chain netting results. Troc Circle can net out more than 70% of your business invoice volume (AR and AP invoices). On average Troc Circle invoice netting, volume is equal to your business cost of goods over a defined period of time

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