Fares: During my work in real estate development, I experienced firsthand how much trouble a financial gridlock can cause: it withheld construction, prevented medical care, held back pending receivables, and made tenants unable to pay their rent. However, as luck would have it, all these factors could be solved simply by creating a financial circle in which all the due payments were netted.

Since this solved the entire problem without needing any actual money to be moved around, I realized that the only thing that was needed was a netting platform that connects businesses & individuals together in a safe and accessible manner. Hence, the vision for Troc Circle was born.

Fares Hobeiche
Chief Executive Officer
Youmna Hobeiche
Chief Growth Officer
Martin Schultz
Chief Product Officer
Rudy Banholzer
Chief Commercial Officer
Dan Ghimpu
Chief Technical Officer
Nick Giordullo
Head of Partnerships
Andrei Usatii
Head of UI / UX Development


Troc Circle is hiring talent, with deep experience in the financial sector and the fintech startup ventures. Creativity, team player , knowledge in development and problem solution capacity is a must. Don't hesitate to contact us through the form below and share with us why you are a good fit to join the Troc Circle team.

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