Join Troc Circle and start getting paid faster

Send your invoices through the platform
Upload your inbound and outbound invoices. Manage your account receivable and payable ledger. Invite your partners to join.
Confirm invoices you receive from suppliers
Whenever somebody claims money from you via an invoice, you have the option to accept or reject it.
Let our app form circles
Our algorithm will find the best solution and form circles of invoices.
Accept and reduce your cost
We’ll send you a report whenever we have found a circle that can net off your receivables and payables. The netted amount of the circle will automatically be paid between all invoices in the circle, without moving money. Automated receipts would confirm the payment.

Reduce costs, be efficient

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Always on your device
Start saving money on the go. With Troc Circle, there is no more need for a computer to pay your invoices. We do not need your bank, accountant system or internal book-keeping. All we need is your invoices, and we’ll make sure that you get paid. Our work remains on the background, so the only thing that you will notice are your savings and a healthier cash-flow.
Learn how our algorithm works

Learn more about Troc Circle and how we can improve your finances
Efficient algorithm
Research the ins and outs of our algorithm and see for yourself what we can do for you.
Find out more
Mobile applications
Find out more about our mobile application, available for Android and iOS.
BETA version
Try out our release of the BETA 2 application. Help us to make it better by testing it for yourself. The application is completely free for early-birds.
Take a look at the milestones that we're working toward and get an idea of what we plan to impress you with.

Removing financial gridlocks

By helping businesses and people to get paid, Troc Circle removes blocked loops in the economic system. As a result, it returns control over cash flow and capacity to match expenses on time, while it prevents delays in business development and potential penalties or other extra costs that come with delayed payments.

In effect, Troc Circle relieves financial stress & pressure from (business) relationships.

Pay & get paid
Payment solution
Cash flow
No penalties
Match expenses
Reduced fees
No FX fees
Offset AR / AP